About Me

I am living my life in the wet and rainy climate of a northern country and dreaming of the warm and sunny southern state where I came from. All the while spending lots of time up in my studio creating new jewelry for "Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets".

My love of creating and design has been with me for awhile. I have created with many different mediums but I find that my love remains with jewelry. I enjoy finding new ways to bring the vintage into my jewelry. Old photos, ephemera, and vintage jewelry parts become part of my pieces. I find that using these elements creates a "story" with each piece. Custom work has been a favorite of mine. A special photo of ones grandmother or great grandmother can be forever put into an heirloom piece of jewelry.

I continue to thrive to learn new techniques that can be incorporated into many aspects of my jewelry. I owe many thanks to the teachers who have taught me their crafts and who have given me the courage to forge my own way with my art.